Oki! Tansi! Welcome!

You’ve reached Thunderbird Farms, a small family run, integrated permaculture farm situated on the Blood Reserve in Southern Alberta.  While the farm itself is not yet in place, it will be here in our little corner of cyberspace that we will document our journey.  The story of how we came to this point is a fairly long and convoluted one and one to which we will be adding in the About Us section of the website.

We will be growing vegetables and fish and creating all manner of foodstuffs (as we really love to eat!) here on our little four acres of paradise.  We are different than most in that we are completely off-grid and will be using alternative building methods and simple living paradigms to accomplish our goals.

It is deeply ingrained in our Native culture to share our bounty. Therefore, we pledge to help our neighbours. We are all members of this global community and it is our wish to be able to support local food banks, soup kitchens and even starving students! In this spirit, a portion of what we produce will be given freely to those who ask.

We believe that learning by doing is the most effective method of grasping new concepts in a short period of time. It is our intention to facilitate workshops and seminars throughout the year showing others how to construct and maintain a secure food source for themselves and their communities. We intend to offer hands-on workshops in small wind turbine construction, passive solar heating and, as we grow and expand, other subjects relating to self sufficiency.

An Integrated Permaculture Farm on the Blood Reserve